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Mei-chan no Shitsuji
[From Shoujo Manga Maniac"]: Mei Shinonome always has this dream. When she was younger and lost her way in a dark forest, she sang her favourite song, "Mei-chan's Butler", to build up her courage. Suddenly she was lifted up by a man who said he was her butler. Now she can't remember what he looks like, but remembers his shimmering brooch and long slender fingers. Kento Shibata is a pretty boy who, along with everyone else in the class, doesn't believe Mei's dream was once real. Emiri Enari has a crush on Kento and looks down on Mei as her father is a noodle chef. How will Mei find the butler from her dreams and will she get everyone to believe her? [FromJshoujo Scans"]: Shinonome Mei remembers being rescued by a butler when she was a young girl. But did that really happen? When Mei's parents die in car accident, this butler, Rihito, reappears, wanting to take her to her grandfather. Mei's grandfather is very wealthy and Mei turns out to be the heiress to his fortune and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Academy, so that she can become a proper lady. When Mei's childhood friend Kento hears about this, he decides to enroll in a butler school so that he can stay close to her. Mei-chan falls in love with Rihito, her butler. Does Rihito love her back? In the meantime Kento, who is in love with Mei-chan, also isn't planning to sit back and do nothing
The universe was once always in control by the queen of Cosmos. But after so long, the queen's power has weakened. A new Queen must be chosen, to ensure the continuation of the Cosmos. Two girls have been specially chosen as queen candidates. both must pass the Queens Examination, but only one can become Queen of the Universe. Who will it be?
From ADV: High school freshman Himeno has begun a new life with her father and new stepmother, but her world is more of a nightmare than a fairytale. That is, until she is crowned the Prétear by a group of handsome knights. But this is not a story of a damsel in distress! This princess is strong, stubborn, and she has a world to save!
Kuro Bara Alice
The young tenor singer Dimitri miraculously escaped with his life after a severe accident. But soon after that, strange cases of group-suicides started to happen all around him… A vampire-romanesque tale of love and survival!
The Most Powerful Characters in the World Are Obsessed With Me
One day, when she was chewing on some bread she'd gotten for her snack, the thirteen-year-old Dahlia Pesteros suddenly remembered her past life. This was the world of a tragic otome game where the characters went crazy, and I was born as the younger sister of the future's greatest villain! At this rate, there would be no solution. The household would be eliminated, and my head would get cut off. That's why I have to get out of this household as fast as possible! "I'll make him let his guard down and then I'll escape!" It was going well up until I got rid of the relative who was aiming for our household, plus others such as the snake-like Emperor, and received Brother's approval... "I want to dance with Dahlia. What's the problem?" "Unfortunately, my younger sister is shy." "I said that I like Dahlia the most!" Somehow, I tamed my brother too much, and now the strongest characters in the world are obsessed with me!
I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game!
Reset, and game set. When I opened my eyes, I was in a different world. I had become the game's villainous princess who was feared by all. Not to mention… Completely naked men I didn't even know were approaching me left and right! “Are you cold? Shall I warm you up with a hug?” “Oh? Have you not had enough yet?” Seriously, what’s up with this situation? And just how the hell am I going to get out of this freaking game?! --- [Official Indonesian Translation](https://kakaopage.co.id/content/Terjatuh-ke-Permainan-Harem/3399)
Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta
I recovered my past memories when I was hit on the head by a rock. I am Katarina Claes, the eight year old daughter of the duke. In a feverish nightmare, in which the prince’s fiancee was determined, I have realized that this is the otome game from the previous life. Also, I have turned into the villainess that interfered with the romance of the capture targets… If the heroine got a happy end, I would be exiled, while if she got a bad end, I would be killed by the capture target… I have no happy end!? Why is it only bad!? Somehow I have to avoid the destruction end, and reach old age peacefully!! **Links:** - [Artist's Twitter]() - [Original Web Novel]() (Raw)
An Unseemly Lady
I was the only younger sister of the female protagonist in the reverse harem novel. In addition, I was exceptionally pampered by the female lead after waking up after being very sick. I used that to defeat the original inexcusable tr*sh male leads who only hurt my sister… ‘Lili, how are you? Do you like cake?’ ‘Lili is really pretty because she resembles her sister. Won’t you eat cookies? Please tell your sister that these were given to you by your wonderful brother.’ ‘Would you like to eat this and go over there for a while? I have something to say to your uncle and sister.’ For some reason, the male lead candidates seem anxious to see me. *** “I don’t play with ugly kids.” The boy in front of me muttered with a deep frown. What? Did you really just say that? I’ll show you what the real world is like. I gently pulled the hem of my sister’s clothes and shook my head. “I hate him, so I hate the older brother who brought him.” At the same time, Cedric’s face turned pale, similar to someone who had been sentenced to death.
I Tried to Be a Loyal Sword
Kashumir grew up working as a mercenary to buy medicine for her precious younger half-sister, Aria.On her way home, after completing a mission as usual, she tripped and hit her head, causing her to remember her past life; thus she realized she had been reborn in the world of the novel *The Night of the Fairy*. Her sister was the main character of this reverse-harem romance while she was one of the villains causing Aria to suffer hardships.Since there is no way Kashumir would let her precious sister suffer, she vowed to protect Aria until her adoption into the count's family, just like in the novel.But things turned out differently, and even the male lead candidates, who should've been fish in Aria's pond, all ended up becoming obsessed with Kashumir instead, when all she wanted was to protect her lovely sister. --- [Official Japanese / 日本語](https://piccoma.com/web/product/103982)
Yin Luowen's mother died in a sudden traffic accident. After receiving a parcel sent by her mother before her death, the "accident" seemed to be premeditated. Yin Luowen embarked on the journey of revealing the secret. Just as the truth of the incident became clearer, the identities and secrets of the four men who were associated with them began to surface...
I'm a Maid, but I've Pulled Out the Holy Sword?!
If you draw the Holy sword, the handsome Prince will notice you! Eleanor, who works as a maid in the royal palace, draws the legendary Goddess' holy sword that no one could pull it out for a thousand years and was thus chosen to be the hero who will protect the country from the Demon King. But, in this peaceful world, there's no need for a hero. If she becomes a hero, she will be unemployed?! She decides to put the Holy Sword back into place, but was caught by an handsome, stubborn prince… ---
Quarter Of The Secret
Yin Luowen's mother died in a sudden traffic accident. After receiving a parcel sent by her mother before her death, the "accident" seemed to be premeditated. Yin Luowen embarked on the journey of revealing the secret. Just as the truth of the incident became clearer, the identities and secrets of the four men who were associated with them began to surface...
My Notoriously Naughty Lover
Like a savage, he creeps up to her. He makes her his prisoner, clinging to her tightly. She tries her best to fight back, but she falls into his trap over and over again. He snickers into her ear, “From now on, I have one goal and one goal alone, which is to devote my life to conquering you!” That’s right! He hates her, he conquers her. He loves her, he conquers her. He dotes on her, and then he knocks her down again!
Marrying the Elites
Due to an accident, the best entertainment agent Jiang Lang Ning died and transmigrated back to an era where beauty and entertainment reigned supreme. With plenty of work experience under her belt as a talent agent in the entertainment industry, she started recruiting many charming and good-looking men to start her new business back in time. Amongst them were the sloppy wise man Chu Yu Du, the bankrupt gentleman Gu Nan Yi, the reserved scholar Shen Yan Qing, and the loyal imperial guard Xie Sa. They grouped together as famous stars under her management. Initially she only focused on her business, but one thing led to another and those men eventually fell for her and wanted to marry her...
It Looks Like I’ve Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game
When I opened my eyes, I was in a different world. I had become the game's villainous princess who was feared by all. Not to mention... Completely naked men I didn't even know were approaching me left and right! “Are you cold? Shall I warm you up with a hug?” “Oh? Have you not had enough yet?” Seriously, what’s up with this situation? And just how the hell am I going to get out of this freaking game?!
Marked By King BS
One day, Kim Yeondoo, an ordinary high school girl, is suddenly terrorized by her former friend from middle school and stalker in KakaoTalk. In order to stop this, she changes her profile picture to a picture of a random guy and posts him as her boyfriend. But, it turns out that the picture she used is the school's scariest bully, Ji Hyunho?! As it turns out, the bullies are the tsundere, Ji Hyunho, the smart and cool class president, Seo Juho, and the young man living upstairs of her home, Kang Ahun. Not only that, there's also the My Way baseball boy, Choi Seunghyun, and the pure and lively, Jung Jisung. How did she end up getting entangled with the handsome bullies?
Kami-sama ga Koi wo shiro to Itte iru!
Chiyoko, in her second year of high school, transfers to a co-ed school due to her dad's job transfer. Since she's only attended an all-girls school since junior high, she excitedly plans to fall in love in her new school. Out of the blue, she begins to see the love meters of 5 hotties and an options window as if she were in an otome game?! She encounters various types such as a glasses boy, a playboy underclassman, and a mysterious senior. Meet-cutes with boys come one after another. This is the beginning of a real otome game school life!
My Male Harem
The youngest professor of medicine in history transmigrates to a matriarchal kingdom, where she has four husbands. She initially thinks that she’s the chosen one and is at the top of the world, but it turns out that her husbands are trying to kill her. She has no choice but to farm and run a business in order to improve her situation. Beautiful men then come running to hit on her. Out of jealousy, her husbands push her down. “Are you trying to avoid taking responsibility now that you’ve slept with us?”
Bunny and her Boys
"I don't care about a guy's appearance in the slightest." Bunny, as a freshman in university, experiences the worst first relationship of her life. Handsome guys were a no to her before, but when she finally decides to accept her natural instinct of liking handsome men, 5 of them appear in her life! But the question is who will turn out to be a shitty car and who will turn out to be a Mercedes-benz? Tune in to find out!
Give the Harem to the Villainess
Lin Ci transmigrated into the otome mobile game she created and became the villainess. The only way she can go back to the real world is avoiding the harem ending and letting the heroine, Rutas, end up with one love interest. Otherwise, Lin Ci would be killed according to the plot. To survive, Lin Ci must win over the men from the heroine one by one!
Becoming the Treasured Pet of Five Big Shots
Transmigrating into a 1v5 bloody carnage novel as the female lead, Mu Haohao has a meltdown. Something about how everyone has to be in perfect harmony before she can return to the real world, she can't do it at all! Originally, she chooses to force an escape from the plot, but who knew she actually reincarnated upon opening her eyes?! She then decides to bite the bullet and play the game of harmony, but finds out the five male leads have all reincarnated still holding memories from their previous life...
Diabolik Lovers: MORE, MORE BLOOD - Special Manga
Humorous 4-koma that were released directly on Twitter by Rejet.
Lady Lady
Inspector Reiko Kujou is a problematic detective who gave up the big-city police work to be transferred to the Akasaka Police Department. She's got the face and figure of a model, a keen mind, and on top of that, is an ultra-rich detective from a well-established family! Obsessed with brand-name items, doing car chases in foreign cars; she'll be stopping evil in a magnificent way! And how will the romance turn out between her and the younger detective Sanada who longs for her!? Intense romantic suspense from Nanao Hidaka!
Lady & Maid
I had an ordinary life if you ignored the fact that my parents passed away due to an accident early on. I had faith that I would continue to live a life that wasn’t different from others. “Your grandfather left you some inheritance.” One day, I inherited a huge mansion and five pretty male maids?!
Father, I'm Definitely Not the Villainous Side Character
I reincarnated! The good news is I'm still alive! The bad news is that I am a devil incarnate and everyone wants to murder me. If my father was not strong-willed enough, I might have been killed right at birth. My sick and petite uncle vomits blood at any time and his life is in danger, my hero father does whatever he want with the heavens, the Earth and the emperor, my goddess twin sister is cute but ignorant of the world, and there is a adorable little prince who protects me... So, how is it that everyone loves me so much, but I am set as the villainous side character of this story?! --- **Original Webcomic:** [AC.QQ](https://ac.qq.com/Comic/comicInfo/id/652167), [BiliBili Manhua](https://manga.bilibili.com/detail/mc31885), [KuaiKan Manhua](https://www.kuaikanmanhua.com/web/topic/14692)
Burning Galaxy
What will you do when you are chosen as the savior of another world and get a lot of SSR level handsome men that will protect you? Of course I'd refuse without a shadow of a doubt! Free food will never fall from the sky, there will only be traps! ——This is a story about a girl who tries to avoid "free food" from the sky. Although it's shameful, but it comes in handy! [Abnormal little girl's drama]
Master Has Chosen My Husband Candidates
I first met the teacher when I was born. He claimed to be a distant relative and raised me who was born in an orphanage. I grew up well under his care. I was planning to confess my love and get married to Master when I would finally come of age... But master disappeared on the day I came of age?! After receiving such a huge impact, 5 years passed, and then I received a letter from the teacher! "I have been searching for a husband for you in the last 5 years." I kept the store open and kept waiting for the Master to come back... But none of the men that showed up was the Master. Come back home!
My Debut as a Loser!
The popular actress Lin Meiyu woke up and became her vicious supporting actress! Holding the script, she knew that sooner or later the handsome guys around her would ruin her reputation and die without a burial! Black-bellied assistant Qin Fei: You taught me! Do anything to achieve your goals! Sunshine Security Shen Zai: You said you hate me? Well it's you! Ji Yuancheng, the ultimate boss: Lin Meiyu, interesting..... My name is Lin Meiyu, and my salted fish has been released!
Your Circle is so messy
A love-hate romance story set in the entertainment industry! Following a major car accident, the only survivors are the actress and director's five-year-old daughter Chu Xia (Idk why it's called Chu Xia and not Su Qian Xia, the FMC's name but whatever could be a name change). Twelve years later, Su Qian Xia went from the countryside to the city. By coincidence, she was attracted by the scout Bai Jun who seduced Su Qian Xia into the entertainment industry. Bai Jun wanted to train her to be an artist who is better than the ones in the "IN" company. Su Qian Xia thought she belonged to the same agency as her idol Rong shu, Jiang, but she didn't expect to join the company rivalling his. Su Qian xia, who can't quit, can only work hard in the entertainment industry!
Diabolik Lovers - Haunted Dark Bridal: Sequel
The manga adaptation of the otome game. The story centers around the six sadistic Sakamaki vampire brothers and a girl, Komori Yui, who goes to live with them. Yui Komori is a positive-thinking girl who nevertheless is troubled by seeing spirits and experiencing poltergeist phenomena. In her second year in high school, she transfers to a new school — a night school for entertainers and celebrities — due to her father's work. There are rumors that there are vampires among the student body, and Yui ends up living with the Sakamaki brothers.
Diabolik Lovers: More Blood - Mukami Arc
Manga adaptation of the second otome game. Is divided in two parts, "Sakamaki Arc" and "Mukami Arc".
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Satomi and Yoshikazu became stepsiblings some years ago, but their relationship is still rocky at best. A certain traumatic experience from her past prevents Satomi from cutting her hair and showing her eyes to anyone, including Yoshikazu. Add Maki, Yoshikazu's friend and a bright, bold guy to the mix, and the three of them fall into a swirl of passion and misunderstandings.
Unwanted Crush
Lin Ge, an outwardly cool and collected girl (yet passionate and wild on the inside) who has almost 0 love experience, coincidentally met all her previous one-sided crushes while studying abroad, each one more handsome and talented than the last! And they even told her that they actually had a crush on her back then too?!
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