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Macho ★ Max Manga

Macho ★ Max Manga

Author(s):Muragata junko

Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): マッチョ・マックス

Manga Summary: This manga created a stir in the manga community in 2011 for being the first to focus on bodybuilding. ¨Manga Sunday¨ (No longer publishing) would host multiple entries for Macho ★ Max and Macho ★ Max Reborn which still hadn’t been published separately and was then later digitally published. Additionally, ¨Read Comics¨ (No longer publishing) had made an article about ¨The guys afterschool gym¨. Saburou, a first-year university student who’s daily life consisted of nothing but laziness found the joy of muscle training and started hanging out in the bodybuilding club. Will Saburou be able to lose his stomach and change himself…? Or perhaps… Macho Max Reborn seeks to tell the story of who’s more popular with the ladies, bodybuilders or arm wrestlers. This battle will take the shape of a mixer.

Macho ★ Max Manga Chapters List