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Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer Manga

Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer Manga

Author(s):ITOU Seikou

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): ウルトラバロック・デプログラマー

Manga Summary: Brainwashing is a thing. Contracted by large corporations, professional washers can hack into the brains of new employees to instill loyalty and drive. The surge of brainwashing gave birth to deprogrammers, elite washers who can undo brainwashing and break down the human mind. But the washers feared the deprogrammers, and sought to control them. Within this world, a man is found unconscious at the side of the road, his mind crashed by washers. Who is this man, who crashed him, and why? Reality and the mindscape blur as the answers slowly come to light.

Ultrabaroque Deprogrammer Manga Chapters List