Uchi ni Oideyo Manga

Categories:   Yaoi
Author: EBIHARA Yuri
Status: Completed
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1) & 2) Why Don't You Make a Dream Come True With me ? (Uchi ni Oideyo) (2 chapters) : Takao is a talent scout who just met a beautiful guy he wants to turn into a model. However the guy isn't really interested. How far will Takao go to make his dream happen? 3) Love Agreement- Continuation of 1. 4) Replica☆Love 5) The Guy Made Indulgent - Amai (Koitsu ni Amai ku Dekite Iru) Nakajima is always trying to advise his spoiled subordinate Aoi. But when Aoi asks for help on how to confess to a guy... 6) My work is a battlefield☆ (end of the first story)

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