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The Three-Body Problem Manga

The Three-Body Problem Manga

Author(s):Liu Cixin

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): 三体

Manga Summary: Adapted from the Liu Cixin's novel of the same name. Abnormal disturbances within the global science community are revealed after a series of mysterious deaths within the community. Meanwhile, Nanotechnology researcher, Wang Miao, enters into a cryptic virtual-reality game known as Three Body and slowly begins to unravel the truth of the world. Along the way, he also encounters a strange organization known as ETO while attending his first player’s meeting. At the same time, China’s Battle Command Center for Earth Defense assigns Shi Qiang, a suspended police officer, to investigate the accidents. Though the two of them share a mutual animosity at first, they soon realize that they must band together to face the upcoming trials.

The Three-Body Problem Manga Chapters List