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Twins Manga

Twins Manga

Author(s):Mizushiro Setona

Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): Twins Story; 水城せとなコレクション2 TWINS

Manga Summary: 1) Twins:Moe-rin (Moeka) attends an all girls school. Shino-chan (Shinobu) attends an all boys school. They're brother and sister twins who are very close, but Tori-chan (Professor Torikai) from the all boys school falls for Moe-rin at first sight, and Shino-chan is hot for Professor Mifuyu of the all girls school. They're still only just kids, but which twin will be first to have a sexual experience...?2) Please Don't Stop Us [Watashi-tachi wo Tomenaide] :A girl tries to create one final, ultimate memory for her boyfriend, who has to leave the country because of his father's work.3) Central Kyoto Love Story [Shijou Riverside Town Love Story] :The story of a girl who transfers to a Kyoto school and her experience with a temple master's son.

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