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Author(s):Aivan, Geo, Kim Se-young, Kim Yeon-joo


Status: Ongoing

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Alternative(s): 純愛普; 순애보; 1000 Years in Your Eyes; And; Pure Love Stories; Shepherds; Stories of Pure Love; Wahre Liebe

Manga Summary: Volume 1: 1) Days Wishes Fall by YUN Ji Woon About the relationship between a father and a daughter. 2) The Door by KIM Yeon-Joo The reminisces of a girl in the temporary care of a lord apparent. 3) The Ravages of the Tiger by SEO MOON Da Mi A girl seeks revenge and death through hunting a tiger. 4) The Night has a Thousand Eyes by LEE Hyeon-Sook The relationship between a boy, his girlfriend, and her cousin. 5) I Hate You, Dad ♥ by LEE Si Young 6) The Road the Dead Pass By by PARK Eun-Ah Volume 2: "Boy's Love" 1) 달밤은 위험천만! SHIM Hye-Jin 2) Get Real Na Yeri 3) To Be Born In an Endless Night LEE Hyeon-Sook 4) jardin de chouette 올빼미의 정원 Kang Hye-Jin 5) But... by LEE Si Young 6) Lunch SHIN Yoo Ha (신유하) 7) Sanctuary by RHIM Ju-Yeon Volume 3: "Antiq + Sad" 1) Moon Palace [월궁 (月宮)] by YUN Ji Woon 2) by Kang Hye-Jin (강혜진) 3) And... by LEE Si Young (Shounen Ai) 4) Sorrow [哀 (슬플애)] by Park Ki-Hong & KIM Seon Hee 7) Hijo de la Luna by SHIN Ji-Sang and Geo A noble man recalls the tragic story of a boy born out of wedlock and the supposed curse upon him because of his white eye. The cursed boy lives a harsh life and falls in love with someone forbidden to him. In the end the beast kills the one he cared most about. Volume 4: "Older" 1) Shepherds by Kwon Gyo-jung 2) Bride by Aivan 3) (황금나선의 경로) by YOO Shi Jin 4) Sweet & Sweet (달콤하고 달콤하도다) by [a]KIM Se Young[/a] 5) (너는 나의 달빛) by LEE Si Young 6) 1000 Years in Your Eyes] (천년도 당신 눈에는) by RHIM Ju-Yeon

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