Running Through the City In the Sunset Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   Shoujo   Slice Of Life
Alternative: 灰色都市; 잿빛 도시숲을 달리다; Forest of Gray City; To Run in a Gray Urban Forest
Release: 2005
Author: UHM Jung Hyun
Status: Completed
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Yun-Ook Jang is a 24-year old freelance illustrator who rents out a room to help pay off her debts. Her tenant is a 17-year old drop out named Bum-Moo Lee who only has a part-time job. Before Yun-Ook knew how old Bum-Moo was, he seemed rather mysterious and cold to her, and the two argued all the time. Then one day, Bum-Moo asks her a most dangerous question: ”Do you mind if I like you?”

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