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ROOT W.P.B. Manga

ROOT W.P.B. Manga

Author(s):Nakamura Shungiku


Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): ルート・ダブリュー・ピー・ビー; ルートW.P.B.; 斩妖桃太郎; √W.P.B.; Root WPB

Manga Summary: From Sakura-Crisis: One day, as Suzuri was walking past a river, she suddenly saw a HUGE peach slowly flowing! Due to the fact she has not eaten since the start of her journey, she decided to just conclude the huge peach was a god sent and did the most logical thing anyone would have done - eat it. However, just as she had her first bite, a young male jumps out of the peach! And before Suzuri knows it, she�™s the 18th master to Momo who could do anything that Suzuri commands! What kind of danger would they encounter on their journey as they face a god that goes by the name Kyuui? And what dark secret does Momo have?!

ROOT W.P.B. Manga Chapters List