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P.B.B. Manga

P.B.B. Manga

Author(s):Kano Shiuko


Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): 憂鬱的花心男子; P B B; P. B. B.; P.B.B. プレイボーイブルース; PBB; Play Boy Blues

Manga Summary: Volume 1: 1-3) P.B.B. (act 1-4) Junsuke is the number one companion in a host club where Shinobu used to work. They have been in a relationship for a year, but as they start to get serious, Shinobu questions his commitment. The story continues from where act 1 (chapter 4 of Gaten na Aitsu) left off. (features Maki Motoharu from Punch Up) 4) The Evil Worker's Folklore ~ Trial version Short extra on construction workers and their uniforms. 5) Gaten na Aitsu Yuusaku is dying for a trip and his dad fulfilled his wishes and he soon learns that his holiday maybe more than he bargained for (continuation after chapter 3 of Gaten na Aitsu). Volume 2: 1-3) P.B.B. (act.4.5-7) Junsuke follows Shinobu on his company's annual getaway. Love, sex, uneasiness ensues. Also includes a small extra Gift 1. (features Kouta from Punch Up) 4) One Day of a Certain Host Junsuke spends his day while his lover is at work. 5) P.B.B. (act 8) Junsuke clashes with the number 2 host Haruto. Also includes a short extra Gift 2 Volume 3 1-3) P.B.B. (act 7-10) Shinobu meets Junsuke's brother, Yoshinari. 4) Yukata Hajimemashita Club Dandy's special summer event. All the hosts dress up in charming yukata. Includes a series of four panel extras at the end. Volume 4: 1-5) P.B.B. (act 11-15) Yoshinari has a brother who happens to be a host. Longing. Disappointed. Rebelling. 18 years old, and he holds all those emotions.He also meets mysterious Arata who seems to have some hidden agenda? 4) Pregnat P.B.B Motoharu from Punch up appears in Club Dandy Volume 5: 1-5) P.B.B. (act 16-20) It's a big surprise that even Yoshinari becomes a host a t "Club Dandy". One day, Yoshinari happened to see Junsuke kissing Shinobu and he realised that the reason for his brother's decision to continue his job as a host was Shinobu.... 6.Doubting Man Short extra Volume 6: 1-6) P.B.B. (act 21-26)

P.B.B. Manga Chapters List

The series P.B.B. contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.