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Nin Koi Manga

Nin Koi Manga

Author(s):Suzuki Julietta

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Ninja’s Love; Ninkoi (SUZUKI Julietta); Shinobi Koi; 忍恋 (鈴木ジュリエッタ)

Manga Summary: From Ikemen Guys: A new Love story series of an Modern Day Ninja. The Main character for ”Shinobi Koi” is Matsuei Anko. On the only remaining Ninja Hideout in Modern Japan, is Anko a Twelve year child that trains from day to night just to have the strenght・power of guys, but eventually become frustrated with the difference in strenght. ”I don't want to Girl-Like , I want to be Strong Ninja Instead"was Anko's wish to the Owner of the Prestigious Kazan-Inge(Kazan Home Temple), as she take the exam to be a Master Specialist Ninja...

Nin Koi Manga Chapters List