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Nekama Punch!!! Manga

Nekama Punch!!! Manga


Status: Completed


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Manga Summary: [ What would you do if your e-girl was a boy? Find out Heejye’s reaction! ] One year ago, I was a world-class player in the game Arcana. However, everything I built up was destroyed by Heejye Shin as easily as a sandcastle. I sold my account at a high price and decided to never set foot in the game again... Even if I quit now, it doesn’t mean I quit for good though, right? One year later, I made a new account just like following a homing instinct. [ The Grand Mage comes back as a young girl ] Original Web Novel + Webtoon Prologue Note: This oneshot is just a promo for the Novel.

Nekama Punch!!! Manga Chapters List