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Nanatsu No Maken Ga Shihai Suru Manga

Nanatsu No Maken Ga Shihai Suru Manga

Author(s):Uno Bokuto

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Seven Swords Dominate; 七つの魔剣が支配する; 主宰七魔剑

Manga Summary: Spring. In the prestigious magic school of Kimberly, this year ushers in another wave of new students. Clothed in black robes with a white cane and sword strapped to the hip, within his chest he hides pride and a mission. As the sakura flutter in full bloom, the budding magicians are welcomed by a parade of magic creatures. However, they were allowed only a moment of leisure. An underground labyrinth that swallows up students on whim, upperclassmen that resemble monsters, and a faction that opposes human rights for demi-humans. While trying to survive in an ominous and terrifying place with his companions, Oliver forms a connection with a single girl with a Japanese sword strapped to her hip, the samurai girl Nanao. The story where their two swords clash, begins now. Español / Spanish: SpoilerEsta es la historia de una pareja "Oliver" y "Nanao" que junto a sus amigos, buscan traer la paz en un mundo desigual y para lograr su cometido usaran el poder de las 7 espadas mágicas. La prestigiosa academia mágica "Kimberley" abre sus puertas a la nueva generación de futuros magos, los cuales tienen que superar muchas adversidades dentro de la academia para formarse como hechiceros completos. En esta nueva generación, se destacan un grupo de jóvenes que prometen realizar muchos cambios positivos para el bien de un mundo habitado por seres mitológicos de fantasía, que lastimosamente entran en constante conflicto con los humanos.

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