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Nadeshiko Doremisora Manga

Nadeshiko Doremisora Manga

Author(s):Miyabi Akino

Status: Ongoing


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Manga Summary: Miya Nekoma made a bold high school debut in an attempt to change from her once "infamously" boring self. As a part of the change, she decided to join the school's Light Music Club, but on her way to sign up she is intercepted by the energetic shakuhachi flute player Hiyo Takemi who introduces her to the world of Wagakki, or traditional Japanese instruments. After the two attend a concert from one of Japan's leading traditional/modern fusion bands, Miya becomes enamored with the Tsugaru-shamisen, a three stringed lute. With Hiyo by her side, Miya delves into the world of traditional Japanese music as new acquaintances and friends help to make her dream of sharing the sound she loves a reality.

Nadeshiko Doremisora Manga Chapters List