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Mr. Clice Manga

Mr. Clice Manga

Author(s):AKIMOTO Osamu

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): ミスタークリス; Mister Clice

Manga Summary: Mr. Clice is a story centering on a super dashing spy, the special agent member of Japan's elite espionage program Jin Clice, whose body was mortally wounded by the KGB. The agency had already invested a lot of money in him, so they would not allow him to die so easily. In an act of desperation in order to save his life, the government transferred Jin Clice's mind into a the body of a recently deceased tennis player, which happens to be that of a lovely young beautiful woman! The dashing ladies man has, in essence, gone from being Bond to being the Bond girl![Source: MangaUpdates]

Mr. Clice Manga Chapters List