Moonlight Night Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Shoujo   Supernatural
Release: 0
Author: KANBE Akira
Status: Updated
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Ever since he was a little boy Makoto could see spirits, but that wasn't the unusual part. His famly owns a shrine and a lot of them have some kind of power. They were entrusted with the shrine by the spirits and a girl of the family is a holder of the spirit's power.The trouble is, for two generations there were no girls bourn and Makoto, unusually for a male, has the protector's power. He befriends the guardian fox of the shrine, Sogetsu, who marvels at Makoto's complete trust in the spirits. As he grows up, Makoto is constantly harrased by stray spirits and demons, and not being able to use any power but seeing spirits, he's protected by his cousin Sho. Together with his friends and allies, the innocent boy is faced with the spirits choice and his destiny -- to gather and protect the powers of the elements untill the spirits grow strong enough again to protect them. How will the ellements, and eventually the fate of the whole world fare in his weak hands?

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