Mint na Bokura Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Gender Bender   Romance   School Life   Shoujo
Alternative: ミントな僕ら; We are Mint; Cuori di Menta (Italy); Những cô bé bạc hà (Vietnamese); Somos Chicos de Menta (Spanish)
Release: 1997
Author: Yoshizumi Wataru
Status: Completed
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The twins Maria and Noeru [Noel] have always lived together and are very closely linked. When Maria decides to enter Morinomiya School because of the beautiful eyes of its basketball coach, Noeru, who refuses to be separated from his sister, decides to enter the same establishment. Unfortunately, there are no places left for boys. He thus decides to pass himself off as a girl! But school life is not easy when one must constantly play in a comedy! Especially when Noeru rapidly falls in love with Miyu, a fellow classmate, while he himself is courted by another student.

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