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Author(s):Takaido Akemi


Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): マイ・ボディガード; マイ・ボディーガード

Manga Summary: A series of short one shots. 1)Plan - O.N.O. ~ Pgs. 11-42 Misawa has fallen for the captain of the school's track team, but doesn't know if his captain feels the same way about him. 2)Lip Sevice ~ Pgs. 44-67 Katsuhiro is the bad boy type, irratated due to his father always telling him not to make him look bad, he gets into the habit of stealing books. The only one who truly understands him is his father's secretary and his chauffeur, Yoshizaki. On the way to a celebration for his grandfather's recovery, things get a little...intense between Katsuhiro and Yoshizaki. 3)The Lucky Star of The Night ~ Pgs. 68-96 Aoyama has a crush on his cheif, Matsuzawa. After a night of a little too much drinking Aoyama ends up at Matsuzawa's home. 4)Holiday ~ Pgs.98-125 Natsuki, company president’s son, was forced to cancel his weekend plans to go on a family retreat in the family villa for a party. Unfortunately, his father arranged the party in hopes for him to meet with potential brides. Just as Natsuki was about to execute his escape plan to steal a boat, the dutiful bodyguard, Kishida, jumped into the boat with him… As fate would have it, the two ended up stranded in a remote island where Kishida started his feverish pursuit of Natsuki.[from Fantasy Shrine:] 5)My Bodyguard ~ Pgs. 126-157 Continuation to the "Holiday" 6) Partner ~ Pgs. 159-190 Still the continuation to the "Holiday" 7)Stubborn Vice President Nacchi ~ Pgs.191-196 Still the continuation to the "Holiday"

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