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Author(s):Sakurai Shushushu


Status: Completed

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Alternative(s): 無人島ラバーズ; Lovers on a Desert Island

Manga Summary: 1) Lovers on a Desert/Peaceful Island The little rich boy, Hiroshigu, went on board a fishing boat out of curiosity as well as for the fun of it. However, he was swept off by waves and ended up on a deserted island with the bodyguard he hated most - Miyakawa! 2) Lift Akasaka is on his way to a very important meeting when the elevator gets stuck! But he's not alone: Ozawa is stuck with him, and he seems to know Akasaka... 3) Love on a Storm Mountain Rickshaw driver Hayate was educated about the town by the beautiful Kei, who he first saw dressed as a woman! But Kei is keeping a secret from Hayate... 4) The Gaze That Never Wilts Itou-sensei just recently transferred to the all girl's school, only to have fellow teacher Tanaka confess to him in public! Tanaka is determined to win Itou over, but Itou just wants to live a quiet life, especially after what happened six years ago at the boys school he used to work at. 5) The Return of the Desert Island 3 page short about Hiroshigu and Miyakawa. 6) Housekeeper Tomioka's Diary 4 page short about Hiroshigu's housekeeper following him to Miyakawa's place.

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