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Status: Ongoing


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Manga Summary: from wiki Set in a fictional universe that highly influence by Victorian era and high class society, it begin when a little girl named Alivia falls into the drain. Then a mysterious boy helps her out from the drain. As she want to thank him, he vanish. Her only clue to find him is by the badge of high profile school, the perfume rose scent and the scar of his right hand, which is also the hand that pulled her up. A few years later, Alivia trying to get in Adam Gordon High School to find her 'prince', but unfortunately for her, her family declares bankruptcy. All she had left is peeking the school from far up on the tree near the fence of the school. Because of her clumsiness, she falls and accidentally kisses the gorgeous, yet cool student boy who happened to sleep under the tree. As Alivia is clueless, the boy takes the chance to take her as his girlfriend, without even asking Alivia's permission. As the reward, Alivia can study in school for free, provided by the boy's wealth, as he is the heir of the school. So she thought it would be a gift from the heaven but without she even realize, the most beautiful dream comes true in hoping to find her 'prince' become her worst nightmare.

MAID MAIDEN Manga Chapters List