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Koufuku no Oujisama Manga

Koufuku no Oujisama Manga

Author(s):Hagio Akira

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): 幸福の王子さま; Prince of Happiness

Manga Summary: Do you believe in the law of equivalent exchange? Rico Himeno is a workaholic in highschool who lives alone and spends all her free time doing part-time work. After her mother passed away, Rico felt like the world was turned against her and gave up on maintaining human relationships. Unlike her mother, Rico doesn't want to leave anything to fate so she is constantly working hard to become a strong, independent woman and achieve her dream of a life in solidarity with no troubles. What will happen now that fate has decided to throw a curve ball at Rico, introducing her to a persistent prince and disrupting her peaceful life in a bubble? Could this be a turn of good luck?

Koufuku no Oujisama Manga Chapters List