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Kiss de Okoshite. Manga

Kiss de Okoshite. Manga

Author(s):Haruta nana

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Kisu de Okoshite. ; Wake up with the Kiss. ; キスで起こして。

Manga Summary: Ena is on her first year of high school and she keeps receiving confessions from weird guys. Her friend Miu, joking, says: "Maybe you have a curse that forbids you to have a mutual love?" When Ena's mother decides to remarry, Ena discovers that she'll have a little brother and sister... However, the "little brother", Touma, actually has her same age, and he's handsome! Since they don't have a blood relationship, Touma says: "You absolutely can't fall in love with me, okay?" How will their relationship develop, now that they have become a family?

Kiss de Okoshite. Manga Chapters List