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Kagami no Kojou Manga

Kagami no Kojou Manga

Author(s):Tsujimura mizuki

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Il castello invisibile ; The Solitary Castle in the Mirror ; かがみの孤城 ; 鏡之孤城 ; 거울 속 외딴 성

Manga Summary: Having lost her sense of belonging at school, seventh-grader Kokoro Anzai has been staying at home as a shut-in when, out of nowhere, the mirror in her room begins to shine. Walking through her shining mirror, what awaits her on the other side is a mysterious castle. There, Kokoro and six other middle schoolers are told by their guide, Lady Wolf, to find the key to the “forbidden room that can grant any wish”. Number one in bookstores for sentimental novels, now in full comic!

Kagami no Kojou Manga Chapters List