Categories:   Comedy   Yaoi
Alternative: 恋する暴君; The Tyrant Falls In Love; The Tyrant Who Falls in Love; 戀愛暴君; 사랑하는 폭군; Koi Suru Boukun; T-Love (French); Verliebter Tyrann
Release: 2004
Author: Takanaga Hinako
Status: Updated
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Graduate student Souichi Tatsumi is demanding, violent, tyrannical... and a homophobe. So, it's unfortunate that his best assets are a beacon to the homosexual eye: his ass and crotch. Unfortunate, indeed--for both him and his underclassman -slash- lab assistant, Tetsuhiro Morinaga, who is hopelessly in love with those assets despite the threat to his own personal safety.

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