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Author(s):Mikage Tsubaki


Status: Completed

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Alternative(s): 純潔人魚; The Pure Merman

Manga Summary: From Fantasyshrine: Chapters 1-2: The Pure Merman ~ Pg. 14-56 The Pure Merman -A Present For You ~ Pg. 58-82 The merman Sango couldn’t help but falling in love with President Minami, who had implicit trust in him. However, not only did they have a huge status difference, they were different in species! To make things worse, mer-people must not lie… unless they wanted to be turned into bubbles… Chapter 3: Hercules? Hercules! ~ Pg. 85-100 All Hercules ever wanted was to stay with Keita forever, but the problem is... he's a bug. Chapter 4: The White Snake & The Prince ~ Pg. 102-109 Shiro(white) the white snake was shunned by the other snakes because of his colour, but he's finally found by his 'prince' a.k.a Hachiohji Takuma, nicknamed Ohji (prince). Chapter 5: Shiro and Ohji-sama ~ Extra Story - Pg. 111-114 Chapter 6: BUSTED! The Ombudsman Club!~ Pg. 6-21 Chapter 7: Shall We Study? ~ Pg. 23-46 Chapter 8: Found Love With You ~ Pg. 48-79

JUNKETSU NINGYO Manga Chapters List