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Inspector Kurokochi Manga

Inspector Kurokochi Manga

Author(s):Takashi Nagasaki

Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): Inspecteur Kurokôchi; Inspector Kurokôchi; Kurokochi ; クロコーチ

Manga Summary: At the Kanagawa police precinct, Inspector Keita Kurokôchi is a textbook dirty cop. Having a position at the second division of the precinct tasked with investigating organized and white-collar crimes, Kurokôchi knows every local politician's little secrets and their bribes allow him to live in luxury. On the contrary, Chief Inspector Shingo Seike is a naïve newcomer at the precinct full of idealism. One day, the commissioner of the Kanagawa police force decides to partner Kurokochi with Seike in an effort to finally get rid of him and stop him from tarnishing the honour of the police force. (the manga just got completed at around 230 chapters (23 volumes))

Inspector Kurokochi Manga Chapters List