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Ijimekaeshi. -Fukushuu no 31- Manga

Ijimekaeshi. -Fukushuu no 31- Manga

Author(s):Murashita Q-Zou

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Bullying back. The vengeance of 31.; Calendar of Vengeance; Calendrier Vengeur; Ijimekaeshi. -Fukushuu no 31-; Payback to those that bullied me. This is the revenge of 31.; イジメカエシ。-復讐の31-; カランドリエ

Manga Summary: I was bullied by everyone, so in return I'm going to slaughter them all. Taking inspiration from the 31 days of the calendar, the uber popular girl group Calendrier was formed. Behind the bubbly appearance, in the shadows, there is one member that is bullied by the others on a daily basis. "If you can't smile, then neither will the fans." She is willing to do anything to regain the smile that was robbed by her group mates. With 30 members as her opponents, this is the story of the crazy number 31.

Ijimekaeshi. -Fukushuu no 31- Manga Chapters List