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Hana Tokidoki Kuma Manga

Hana Tokidoki Kuma Manga

Author(s):Sumiya kei

Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): 花ときどきくま

Manga Summary: A high school student, Sumito, who had just been playing with his friends, is currently absorbed in the coffee shop's notebook. While perusing the notebook, he replies to a comment written out in beautiful characters. From that day on, the interaction between him and his favorite "girlfriend" at the old coffee shop continued without any direct contact, and Sumito's love grew day by day. One day, Sumito learned that the "person from the notebook" would come to the store, and he eagerly visited the store, but what was waiting for him wasn't the pretty girl that Sumito had dreamed of, but someone 190cm tall... It was a giant man, Koguma!

Hana Tokidoki Kuma Manga Chapters List