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Author(s):J.m. Trevisan, Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino


Status: Ongoing


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Manga Summary: In almost all respects, Arton is the same as Earth. The sky is blue, the Sun is yellow, the Moon is silver. There we find the same air, the same water, the same trees and animals that we know on Earth. Arton is a world of adventurous heroes. They are everywhere, in kingdoms, villages and cities. The greatest of those heroes is a champion who came to be in recent times. He's only known as the Paladin, and no power has ever proven itself able to defeat him. A holy warrior, tempered by the power of twenty gods, he's the utmost defender of truth, honor and justice. The Paladin has gone missing... (Taken from the 1st volume intro) --- Lisandra has lived on the secluded island of Galrasia her whole life, fostered by cavewolfs. One day she dreams of a golden armored champion. Those dreams wouldn't stop and in time, they became nightmares about this unknown warrior being defeated in battle against a great evil yet to come into being. Those relentless nightmares would lead Lisandra away from Galrasia, to the continent of Arton, where she would begin her quest for the Rubies of Virtue, mystical gems also presented to Lisandra in her dreams. By gathering all the gems, the girl hopes to rid herself of this heavy burden the Gods have given her, and also revive the hero who shall defeat the upcoming darkness... Holy Avenger is a Brazilian manga-influenced comic based on a short RPG adventure of the same name, which takes place in a campaign setting called Tormenta (a synonym for "Storm" in Portuguese), originally published in the RPG magazine Dragão Brasil. More info: NOTE: This is an OEL, not a manga, manhwa, or manhua.

HOLY AVENGER Manga Chapters List