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Giant Ojou-sama Manga

Giant Ojou-sama Manga


Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): Jaianto Ojōsama;Oriko the Giant;Senhora Gigante;Гигантская дама;ジャイアントお嬢様

Manga Summary: I can\'t believe my ojou-sama is so huge! Fujido Oriko is the buxom young head of the Fujido Zaibatsu, a group that has a monopoly on Japan\'s vending machine industry. And serving at her side is her personal butler, the eccentric Dr. Sebastion. When a monster suddenly attacks the city, Dr. Sebastion slips his ojou-sama an experimental energy drink his team in R&D has been developing. As a result, she quickly finds herself growing into a giantess, matching the attacking kaiju in size! Will she be able to stop his rampage, or at the very least, keep her dignity intact? [i][Winner of Shounen Jump\'s Dec 2020 Bronze Rookie Award][/i] [*][url=]Author\'s Twitter[/url]

Giant Ojou-sama Manga Chapters List