Fall In Love Like A Comic Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: まんがみたいな恋したいっ!; 続まんがみたいな恋したいっ!; 繼續漫畫戀情!; 继续漫画恋情!; 談個漫畫戀情; 谈个漫画恋情; Bewildered Princess; Fall In Love Like a Comic!; Love Like Manga; Zoku Manga Mitaina Koi Shitai!
Release: 2002
Author: Yagami Chitose
Status: Completed
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Rena lives a double life as a normal high school girl and a mangaka artist drawing sexy love scenes. All seems to be going well until she accidentally bumped into popular high school idol, Tomoya. Rushing away from the encounter, Rena suddenly realized that she has lost her latest draft! Quickly rushing to school, she was surprised to se Tomoya waiting for her. Could this be end of her drawing days? What does Tomoya have in store for her?

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