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Dreaming Vampire Manga

Dreaming Vampire Manga

Author(s):Kashima Kotaru

Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): Yumemiru Vampire;ゆめみるヴァンパイア

Manga Summary: All pure-hearted Mamoru Hishida wants is to live as a decent human being. So he can’t figure out why his life keeps spiralling out of control. Then one night, he happens upon a beautiful vampire who immediately recognizes him for what he truly is—an incubus-human hybrid, and on the brink of sexual starvation. The vampire strikes a bargain with Mamoru to become his familiar in exchange for a supply of sexual energy...but are familiars usually charged with attending manga conventions? Thus begins a strange romance between a virgin incubus and a sensual, manga-obsessed vampire.

Dreaming Vampire Manga Chapters List