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Dear Signal Manga

Dear Signal Manga

Author(s):Suehiro machi

Status: Completed


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Manga Summary: "Love", what a nuisance. [Love Allergy] a.k.a. Lovesickness Symptoms: Heart-shaped rashes appearing on the body, dizziness, heart palpitations Cause: A reaction to feelings of love Treatment: ... ??? After his heart skips a beat at the sight of his childhood friend, Haname's smile, Arashi somehow awakens in a hospital bed...!? His body is covered in countless heart-shaped rashes. In order to suppress the effects of the allergic reaction caused by feelings of love (a.k.a. Lovesickness), he was prescribed heart-shaped pills to control his love. Since that day, "love" was stolen from him... He can kiss and have sex, but he doesn't know how to love...!? Pay attention to the heart-shaped rashes! Childhood friends restrained from love by a love allergy -- this is their heart-patterned, pure love-sick love! Includes the backstory of the pair's assigned doctor, Miyoshi-sensei.

Dear Signal Manga Chapters List