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Business Performance Manga

Business Performance Manga


Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): 비즈니스 퍼포먼스

Manga Summary: Jung Rin is the former leader of the so-called failed group 'Pantetosan'. 3 years after his contract ended, he lived as an ordinary unemployed man, rather than an idol. One day, Pantetosan's once youngest member, currently a rising actor in his 20s, Yeon Seoho, met Rin. "You wrote this, right?" Seoho pushed a book towards Rin, and proposed to him with an elegant expression. "If you wrote this, do you have any thoughts in making this into a movie?" "What......?" Rin kept rejecting but it was difficult to resist Seoho's stubborness. He then made a proposal to Seonho... "From now on, 5 times...." "5 times?" "I to go out with me on a date." "I know well that you can act well, it won't do if I can't check it by myself,"

Business Performance Manga Chapters List