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BINGO! Manga

BINGO! Manga

Author(s):Hashiba Maki


Status: Ongoing


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Alternative(s): ビンゴ

Manga Summary: Kinasuki Shin is a delinquent who always runs into troublesome situations. But his good skills in martial arts usually saves him from getting hurt during fights. One day, as he was being threatened by a group of gangsters, he was seen by Takami Ukon - a supermodel who coincidentally was smoking outside a building after his show. He was impressed by Shin's superiority in fighting against those gangsters. Ukon transferred to Meikyo High School and was in the same class as Shin. Whenever both of them are together, they attract more troubles than Shin would have when he's alone. What will then become with the two of them together?

BINGO! Manga Chapters List