Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de Manga

Categories:   Gender Bender   Romance   Shoujo
Alternative: 亦兄亦妹; 兄が妹で妹が兄で。; Ani ga Imouto de Imouto ga Ani de; The Older Brother Is The Little Sister,The Little Sister Is The Older Brother
Release: 2012
Author: KURUMATANI Haruko
Status: Updated
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From Manga Upadate's anonymous: Aside from being the motherly figure of his family, first year high school student Koizumi Youta has an especially big sister complex with his twin, Hikaru. She has trouble expressing her emotions, but that doesn't stop him from thinking she's the cutest button in the world! However, Hikaru isn't as sweet as she seems... Wait, how come Koizumi was the only one in the family who didn't know he and Hikaru weren't blood-related?! After her mother casually mentions it, NOW he finds out! What's more, after Hikaru plants a kiss on Koizumi, she runs off, and they both ended up getting hit by a truck! And when he wakes, their bodies are switched?! And Hikaru says she won't give his body back?! (source: Hello Scans's chapter 1) From Chibi Manga: Me and my sister has a secret...and then... Taiyô is 16 years old and he loves talking. then his sister, Hikari is also 16 years old but she's a bit dark. they didn't know that their secret will be expose but it will explode their fraternity. But then his sister decides to attack him. but she has no one to, there's no one who can really believe it, right?

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