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Aida ni Hatachi Manga

Aida ni Hatachi Manga

Author(s):Saotome Yagi

Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): あいだにはたち; 나이 차는 스무 살; 사이에 스물

Manga Summary: Summer of a high school third grader. 18-year-old boys high school student Takae Reika who struggles studying for university entrance examination accidentally meets 38-year-old super beautiful Misa. "A woman seems to have a really good smell" - Reika who fell in love with Misa who just had broken up with her boyfriend, will pretend to be his 25-year old brother to fill up the age difference between them. I do not know that Mr. Misa also has a secret ... .... A 20 year old difference love comedy "18 year old boy high school student x 38 years old unmarried woman" starting with a lie! [by google translate]

Aida ni Hatachi Manga Chapters List