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Author(s):Lee Yun Hee


Status: Completed


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Alternative(s): 天行記; 천행기; Chunhengi; Destination Heaven Chronicles; Nàng Công Chúa Bỏ Trốn (Vietnamese); Venue des Cieux (French); Diario De Los Angeles (Spanish); 守护女神天行记; Nhật kí thiên nữ

Manga Summary: Chun-Yoo-Nim is the one and only princess of the heavens. She ran away from her arranged betrothed with the King Of Hell. Now missing for a few years (give or take 2-5 years) She is hiding in the human world as Dong-Young a BOY with a perverted best friend that likes to grope him, Bi-Wal. The four guardians of the Heavens are ordered to find the angel princess. With some twist and turns, a crossdressing angel, overly protective and super-powered chaperons, and to top it all off- a molesting best friend!? Hilarity ensues as Chun-Yoo/Dong-Young struggles to keep her endangered identity as secret! ~Summary from Anime News Network Summary from Silvermagic: Chun-Yoo-Nim ,the only princess of Heaven, has run away from home because of her arranged betrothal to the king of Hell, whom she believes is a perverted old man. For the last few years she has hidden in the human world as a boy named Dong-Young and has a friend that is a guy,Bi-Wi, that likes to mess around with him/her. The life she has built is now in danger now the four guardians of Heaven have been ordered to capture her.

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