Categories:   Action   Adventure   Comedy   Ecchi   Fantasy   Harem   Shounen
Alternative: 17 I, THE TYCOON?; えーくんじゅうななさいのせんそう; A君(17)の戦争; A君(17)の戦争 -I, THE TYCOON?; A君的战争; A-kun (17) no Sensou
Release: 2008
Author: Gouya Daisuke
Status: Updated
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Onodera Goushi is an highschooler who isn't much noticed in other people's daily life, in a sense,his life feels like it would be the same if he wasn't around, then one day while returning from school he finds himself in a life-death situation and a strange girl named Honoka saves him by sending him in another world, he then gets sent to the "Demon Nation" where many non humans live and where he is able to meet the Mahou who is... an anime otaku?!?!

A-KUN (17) NO SENSOU - I, THE TYCOON? Manga Chapters (Watch A-KUN (17) NO SENSOU - I, THE TYCOON? Online?)

The series A-KUN (17) NO SENSOU - I, THE TYCOON? contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.

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