Categories:   Drama   Romance
Alternative: 5 giờ bạn trai ( Vietnamese), 5時間ボーイフレンド ( Japanese), 5-Jikan bōifurendo, 5시간 남자 친구 ( korean), 5小時的男朋友 ( Chinese)
Release: 2011
Author: Rai-san
Status: Updated
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Raina Chung got dump by her boyfriend, she is not depress about it, but she piss about the reason he gave it to her. Until she met Evahn who is in the similar issues just like her. He heal her anger by told her all the side of her issues. She know that he have her her get over the issues, but she wanted to do the same thing to him, by making him go to the prom as her 5 hours boyfriend. What this 5 hours gonna lead this to, is he gonna over come his fear?

5 HOURS BOYFRIEND Manga Chapters (Watch 5 HOURS BOYFRIEND Online?)

Chapter Name Date Added
5 Hours Boyfriend 1.1 Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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